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A PIC SMS is worth a thousand words!
Unique innovation of Simple.SMS.at - send MANY pictures with only 1 SMS!

You would like to send visual information to your target group? And this should be
cheap, unerring and fast? Sounds impossible - but it is not.

With the system of Simple SMS you can send so-called PIC SMS - that are SMS including a picture-gallery-function. It is not a MMS - it is a SMS with integrated pictures. Via SMS a link will be generated, which connects the end-user with your picture gallery.

So you can inform your customers about your newest products, events e.g. and your customers can open your picture gallery immediately on the cell phone.

MMS are more expensive than SMS, and there can be sent only pictures up to 300 kB. Quite brilliant! Because with only one PIC SMS you can send a picture gallery with up to 10 pictures - irrespective of the size of the pictures. The pictures also can be shared in the social networks via like or share buttons or can be forwarded. Also a direct download is possible.

With an integrated statistics-function you can control how many recipients opened the SMS-link to your picture gallery. That is very interesting - because if you send a flyer or catalogue, you do not know, how many people really had a look on it.

Fascinate your customers with a PIC SMS of Simple SMS.at - it is very simple and cheap!